Re-Open JFK Drive & the Great Highway
We Need Access for All
We are working to place a measure on the ballot in November to restore everyone's access to JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park and the Great Highway.

The city closed these roads full-time during the pandemic as a temporary measure, but now it's time to reopen the roads.

These closures are hurting people with disabilities, seniors, and families who live in the outer neighborhoods and can’t access our parks and beaches, and get to home, work, school, or doctor's appointments. The closure of these major roads is pushing traffic into our neighborhoods, turning small local streets into high-traffic roads and putting pedestrians at risk.

We must return back to the agreed-upon compromise for Sunday, holiday and partial Saturday closures of JFK Drive — this allows for equitable access and use of Golden Gate Park for all. The Great Highway must be reopened and returned to its original use as an essential route for nearly 20,000 daily users.

We can give access to everyone – seniors, people with disabilities, families, children, bicyclists – all members of the San Francisco community and visitors to our city.

Want to learn more or volunteer?  Email us at access4allsf@gmail.com
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Top Funders Sheet
Paid for by Access for All, sponsored by Corporation of Fine Arts Museums and Open the Great Highway Alliance.
Committee Major Funding From:
1. Diane Wilsey ($200,000)
2. Corp. of Fine Arts Museums ($15,730)
Financial disclosures are available at sfethics.org.